Ready to go back in action in Brno.

Ready to go back in action in Brno.

After the unlucky English weekend, the Go Eleven team is ready to return in action at the Brno circuit, in the Czech Republic, for the seventh round, the turning point of the sbk world championship. Very technical and fast circuit, curves and long ups and downs immersed in the woods, in many ways remember the Mugello, loved by all riders.

Roman Ramos is working together with the team to find that consistency of performance that was his strong point up to a few races ago, both know this circuit even if the sbk does not run here from 2012.

In Supersport, Iturrioz will try to make the jump of quality, taking advantage of the experience of the first two races. The news is Luigi Morciano, called at the last minute to replace Canducci. Morciano will be in the race with the number #44, for him it is a return with the Go Eleven team, they have already worked together in 2016, for the only race of Misano. The motivations are high.

Timetables and TV lives GP Repubblica Ceca – Brno SBK 08/10-06-2018

Friday 08-06-2018:
ore 9.00-9.30, Superstock 1000, Prove libere 1
ore 9.45-10.45, Superbike, Prove libere 1
ore 10.40-11.30, Supersport, Prove libere 1
ore 11.45-12.15, Supersport 300, Prove libere 1
ore 12.30-13.10, Superbike, Prove libere 2
ore 14.15-14.45, Superstock 1000, Prove libere 2
ore 15.00-15.50, Supersport, Prove libere 2
ore 16.05-16.45, Superbike, Prove libere 3
ore 17.00-17.30, Supersport 300, Prove libere 2

Saturday 09-06-2018:
ore 8.45-9.05, Superbike, Prove libere 4, Italia 2
ore 9.15-9.35, Supersport, Prove libere 3, Italia 2
ore 9.45-10.15, Superstock 1000, Prove libere 3
ore 10.30-10.45, Superbike, Superpole 1, Italia 2, diretta
ore 10.55-11.10, Superbike, Superpole 2, Italia 2, diretta
ore 11.30-11.45, Supersport 300, Superpole 1
ore 11.55-12.10, Supersport 300, Superpole 2
ore 13.00, Superbike, Gara 1, Italia 1/HD, Italia 2, diretta
ore 14.00-14.15, Supersport, Superpole 1, Italia 2, diretta
ore 14.25-14.40, Supersport, Superpole 2, Italia 2, diretta
ore 15.00-15.30, Superstock 1000, Qualifiche
ore 23.35, Superbike, Gara 1, Eurosport 1/HD, differita

Sunday 10-06-2018:
ore 8.50-9.00, Supersport 300, Warm up
ore 9.10-9.25, Supersport, Warm up
ore 9.35-9.50, Superbike, Warm up
ore 10.00-10.15, Superstock 1000, Warm up
ore 11.30, Supersport, Gara, Italia 2, diretta
ore 13.00, Superbike, Gara 2, Italia 1/HD e Italia 2, diretta
ore 14.20, Supersport 300, Gara, Italia 2, diretta
ore 15.15, Superstock 1000, Gara, Italia 2, diretta
ore 23.30, Superbike, Gara 2, Eurosport 1/HD, differita

Channels: Italia 1/HD (canale 6 o 506 del DTT e canale 6 o 106 di Tivù Sat) Italia 2 (canale 35 e 120 del DTT e canale 16 di Tivù Sat) Eurosport 1/HD (canale 210 di SKY) Eurosport 2/HD (canale 211 di SKY) Eurosport 1 (canale 372 del DTT) Eurosport 2 (canale 373 del DTT)

L’ora indicata è l’ora italiana, per le dirette l’orario è riferito al semaforo verde.