Good performances for Go Eleven in a strange final in Qatar

Good performances for Go Eleven in a strange final in Qatar

The lights of Doha are turned off and the 2018 world championship ends.

A season full of desires and anxieties, a season that has given smiles amidst the many difficulties, a season … .. exciting, like every year, only this passion can give us

The wind and the rain felling in the days before the race, got a lot of dirt on the track, and on Friday the asphalt was very slippery, so all the riders started with caution, especially after seeing some colleagues, unexpectedly crashed. Same strategy also for our Roman Ramos, who has constantly improved at every lap, up to the fp3 where the grip was so poor that he performed in long sideslip drifts, as the burnout of Garry McCoy at the time of 500. In the fp4 and in the superpole he tried different set-up solutions, choosing the best compromise for the race.

At the green light, he starts well and immediately manages to set a constant pace that allows him to reach 14 ° at a breath from Fores. On Sunday a storm of sand and rain prevented the conduct of race 2.

In the Supersport both Stange and Iturrioz used the Friday to know the track, first time for both on this track and first time in the night with artificial lights.

In the superpole Iturrioz had a gearbox problem that did not allow him to express himself, while Stange did not find the perfect lap, but he showed an excellent race pace.

Following the storm undefeated on Losail, the sports commission decided to reduce the number of laps to 12, unfortunately the track was in critical condition, the operators could not remove the rivulets of water, and the sand made everything very slippery .

Iturrioz starts very strong, gains ten positions on the first lap and manages well to keep the group, unfortunately he crashed at two corners from the end, while fighting with his teammate Stange, for the 14th position.

Stange, however, who had missed the start, has spent a few laps to find the speed, but then began his comeback once again conquering the points.

Congratulations to Sandro Cortese and to the Kallio racing team for the well deserved world title.

Roman Ramos #40 (WSBK race 1; 14th):

Since yesterday we are chasing the same grip problems, on the fast corners I have no traction and I lose a lot of time even when i enter on the corner. In the race I tried to make my pace, and I managed to be consistent from the first to the last lap. We have several ideas for tomorrow and I am confident that we can take a big step forward and replicate the good result of 2017.

Roman Ramos #40 (WSBK race 2; race cancelled):

I am sorry I did not run, under special conditions maybe we would have had good cards to play and we could have been a surprise, but safety comes first, if the race direction has made this decision, it will have had its right motivations.

Christian Stange #88 (WSS; 14th):

In the first laps I did not feel the bike, I had no feeling and I struggled to get my pace, then lap by lap I managed to be fast and I managed to pass Ezequiel on the penultimate lap, take still scoring.

I have to thank the team for giving me this great opportunity, for me it was a fantastic season and I hope to be in the game also in 2019.

Iturrioz Ezequiel #34 (WSS; rt):

These conditions were perfect for me, I’m used to the supermotard, the bike that slips with the sand under the wheels, it’s my bread, so I really wanted to make a good result, I was the whole race in the group and I’m really sorry to have fallen on the last lap, but I did not want to be satisfied.

My team has worked hard at my side all season and I thank them for this wonderful adventure, I have grown a lot and I hope to continue on this path next year.

Denis Sacchetti (team manager):

Finding such a violent storm here in Qatar is not something that you expect, usually in the desert it does not rain, but we have found rain both on our arrival that before the race2.

We therefore found very special conditions, and we were good at managing its, because we put both categories in the points area.

I think the race direction has made the right decision to reduce the supersport race and cancelled the superbike race.

Thanks to all for the beautiful emotions that we have experienced in this championship, I want to say thanks to the riders, the technical staff and all those who have contributed to this wonderful project.

See you in 2019!