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Mask Polyester-Cotton

7,50 (Italiano) + IVA


This mask is made in order to replace the “filtering” part, inserted inside by means of a small opening. A double layer 100% polyethylene non-woven protection is provided (see non-woven mask characteristics) and can be replaced once the 5/10 washes have been used up. The external mask can be washed like any other item of clothing following the instructions on the label, keeping the temperatures below 40 °, while other sheets of non-woven polypropylene can be used to replace the filter or it will be possible to insert a surgical mask to which the elastics for the ears will be removed. It is equipped with a galvanized underwire on the nose to ensure complete adherence and maximum fit. The closure is formed by two elastic neck and nape (not behind the ears), so as to bandage and tighten without discomfort. The product is 100% Made in Italy and meets ministerial and regional regulations.

Product subject to 50% tax credit as government directives

20% of the proceeds from online sales will be donated to fight COVID-19

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