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Mask Customizable TNT

33,00297,00 (Italiano) + IVA


This material has the characteristic of breathability and water repellency combined with 100% non-irritability (ISO 10993.3) Resistant to 5/10 hand washes with a temperature not exceeding 40 °. Ironing with low iron temperature partially restores its water repellency. Equipped with galvanized underwire on the nose to ensure complete adherence and maximum fit. The closure is formed by two elastic neck and neck (not behind the ears) in order to bandage and tighten without discomfort. The mask is filtering and anti-drip, for single person use and exclusive for the community. The product is 100% Made in Italy and meets ministerial and regional regulations.

Do you want to customize your mask? Do you want to insert your logo? This is the right mask for you. Designed to accommodate any type of customization (company logos, designs …) based on customer preferences, both in the front and in the sub-section. Send us your logo and image after purchase: write to elia@teamgoeleven.eu

Product subject to 50% tax credit as government directives

20% of the proceeds from online sales will be donated to fight COVID-19

For orders over 100 units, write to elia@teamgoeleven.