Just two months after the incredible and frightening crash of Imola, at the exit of the Acque Minerali turn, Eugene Laverty will try to return at Donington Park, 5-7 July!

The desire to get back on the Go Eleven’s V4-R is so high that, after being forced to watch three Rounds from the “pits”, Eugenio felt ready to get on the track.
He will not be at 100% physical condition yet, but he will challenge his pain and fatigue to complete the weekend on the difficult English track.

Laverty will have to pass the medical check-up tomorrow at 4:00 pm; only then will we know if the Irish rider will actually take part in Round 8.
Fingers crossed, then, and updates will follow!

Eugene Laverty (Rider):
“Ten days ago I’d come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to be fit to ride at both Donington and Laguna Seca. But without something to aim for  I felt dejected and so I began to tell myself that maybe Laguna Seca could be possible if I kept working hard. It’s an anti-clockwise circuit therefore it gives the right wrist an easier time. After six weeks of slow progress my right wrist finally moved on from the acute stage and that’s when I began considering Donington too. I rode a 300cc bike yesterday and played around with my riding position to help with the pain. Donington will be a huge challenge physically but mentally I just can’t bear to stand on the sidelines if there’s even the slightest possibility that I can compete. I can’t silence the racer inside of me.”

Ramello Elia