Eugene Laverty has been declared fit for Free Practice 1!
After the first practice of Friday, the CMO of the circuit and the staff of the Clinica Mobile, together with the Team and Eugene will gather to decide, based on physical conditions, whether to proceed over the weekend.The curvy track, located in Leicestershire, is preparing to host the WorldSBK Championship; for several years two riders were not so close in the standing after 7 Rounds.
Only 16 points separate Alvaro Bautista from Jhonny Rea; Who will be the winner after Donington Park?Eugenio, still convalescent, will try to give all and get on the track; pain and fatigue will be felt, but a professional rider can’t watch races from the pits for too long! The passion for this sport and the home crowd will push Laverty up to the last penny of energy and will try in every way to overcome the reduced wrist movements.

The programming of SKY Sport Arena / HD

Friday 05-07-2019:
10.00-10.30, Supersport 300, Free practice 1A
10.45-11.15, Supersport 300, Free practice 1B
11.30-12.20, Superbike, Free practice 1, live
12.30-13.15, Supersport, Free practice 1
14.30-15.00, Supersport 300, Free practice 2A
15.15-15.45, Supersport 300, Free practice 2B
16.00-16.50, Superbike, Free practice 2, live
17.00-17.45, Supersport, Free practice 2, live

Saturday 06-07-2019:
10.00-10.20, Superbike, Free practice 3
10.30-10.50, Supersport, Free practice 3
11.00-11.15, Supersport 300, 3A free practice
11.25-11.40, Supersport 300, 3B free practice
12.00-12.25, Superbike, Superpole, live
12.40-13.05, Supersport, Superpole, live
13.20-13.40, Supersport 300, Superpole A, live
13.50-14.10, Supersport 300, Superpole B, live
15.00, Superbike, Race 1, live
16.15, Supersport 300, Last Chance Race

Sunday 07-07-2019:
10.00-10.15, Superbike, Warm up
10.25-10.40, Supersport, Warm up
10.50-11.05, Supersport 300, Warm up
12.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, live (also on Eurosport 2 / HD)
13.15, Supersport, Race, live
15.00, Superbike, Race 2, live
16.15, Supersport 300, Race, live

TV8 / HD programming

Saturday 06-07-2019:
15.00, Superbike, Race 1, live

Sunday 07-07-2019:
14.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, replica
15.00 Superbike, Race 2, live

All times refer to the Italian time, for direct hours the time refers to the green light, for replicas and deferred instead to the beginning of the transmission.

TV8 (channel 8 of DTT and Tivù Sat)
TV8 / HD (SKY channel 121)
SKY Sport Arena / HD (SKY channel 204)
SKY Sport Uno / HD (SKY channel 201 and DTT channels 372 and 382)
Eurosport 1 / HD (SKY channel 210)
Eurosport 2 / HD (SKY channel 211)

Ramello Elia