An idyllic place, between the breathtaking beaches and the fine sand of the Portuguese ocean, in the hinterland among the arid hills typical of the geographical area, stands the sports complex of the Autodromo Internacional do Algarve.
For the spectators, it is still full summer; wandering the streets of the enchanting tourist center of Portimao or on the promenade by the sea you can still see many tourists enjoying the last warm summer days.

To make this weekend even more interesting is the WorldSBK: finally it’s back on track, the first Round after the summer break will take place, which will kick off a thrilling season finale.
The riders have already tested the Portuguese circuit two weeks ago, on the occasion of a two-day fundamental test.
Eugene Laverty and the Go Eleven Team, on that occasion, had found an excellent set-up and had printed a more than encouraging laptime for the race.
We certainly cannot hide the fact that the Irish champion has a special feeling with the Portimao circuit: last year he even started in pole position!
Laverty trained a lot in these late August-early September days: enduro, motocross, supermotard were the order of the day, and even featured in a motorcycle-bicycle exchange with Portuguese cycling champion Joao Rodrigues.

Finally, the two months of inactivity have therefore come to an end; the protagonists of the Superbike circus can’t wait to ride their beasts and get on the track.
Acerbis Portuguese Round, Portimao circuit, to you the honor of giving us the all summer long desired show!

The programming of SKY Sport MGP / HD

Friday 06-09-2019:
10.00-10.30, Supersport 300, Free practice 1A
10.45-11.15, Supersport 300, Free practice 1B
11.30-12.20, Superbike, Free practice 1, live
12.30-13.15, Supersport, Free practice 1
14.30-15.00, Supersport 300, Free practice 2A
15.15-15.45, Supersport 300, Free practice 2B
16.00-16.50, Superbike, Free practice 2, live
17.00-17.45, Supersport, Free practice 2, live

Saturday 07-09-2019:
10.00-10.20, Superbike, Free practice 3
10.30-10.50, Supersport, Free practice 3
11.00-11.15, Supersport 300, 3A free practice
11.25-11.40, Supersport 300, 3B free practice
12.00-12.25, Superbike, Superpole, live
12.40-13.05, Supersport, Superpole, live
13.20-13.40, Supersport 300, Superpole A, live
13.50-14.10, Supersport 300, Superpole B, live
15.00, Superbike, Race 1, live (also on Eurosport 2 / HD)
16.15, Supersport 300, Last Chance Race

Sunday 08-09-2019:
10.00-10.15, Superbike, Warm up
10.25-10.40, Supersport, Warm up
10.50-11.05, Supersport 300, Warm up
12.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, live
13.15, Supersport, Race, live
15.00, Superbike, Race 2, live
16.15, Supersport 300, Race, live

TV8 / HD programming

Saturday 07-09-2019:
17.00, Superbike, Race 1, deferred

Sunday 08-09-2019:
18.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, deferred
19.15, Superbike, Race 2, deferred

All times refer to the Italian time, for live hours the time refers to the green light, for replicas and deferred instead to the beginning of the transmission.

TV8 (channel 8 of DTT and Tivù Sat)
TV8 / HD (SKY channel 121)
SKY Sport MGP / HD (channel 208 of SKY)
SKY Sport Uno / HD (SKY channel 201 and DTT channels 372 and 382)
Eurosport 1 / HD (SKY channel 210)
Eurosport 2 / HD (SKY channel 211)

Ramello Elia