Historic circuit, absorbed in the Burgundy countryside, halfway between Lyon and Paris; here is the famous French track where the WorldSBK champions will be competing this weekend!
Like every year, the weather will be the master and will be the balance’s needle for performance on the track: the probability of rain is really high and the temperatures are quite cold.
Rain or shine, in any case and in any condition, French fans have always shown great presence in this Round. From the Adelaide campsite, the famous first gear turn, the spectators warm up the engines all night waiting for the first practice sessions!Eugene Laverty and Team Go Eleven return to the track after a tough weekend in Portimao. In these last three races, returning to the top positions will be the joint objective.
On the French track “old style”, more tortuous and with lots of acceleration, the values ​​on the track will be slightly different and from the first practice the technicians and the Irish rider will try to find the right balance and the correct set-up for the race.

On the occasion of the “French Round” the Go Eleven Team also races with the promising young Stefano Raineri, winner of the Go Eleven Challenge, debutant at the start of WorldSSP 300. For the less experienced, this category divides the riders into two groups, A and B; Stefano will be on track with Group B. The first thirty riders at the end of Superpole will go directly to Sunday’s race, while all the others will line up in the Last Chance Race. The top six finishers of this last occasion will be able to take part in the Main Race.

So double commitment for fans, stay glued to the screens, there will be fun!

Below all the schedules of the French Round, Circuit de Neves-Magny Cours!

The programming of SKY Sport MGP / HD

Friday 29-09-2019:
9.00-9.30, Supersport 300, 1A free practice
9.45-10.15, Supersport 300, Free practice 1B
10.30-11.20, Superbike, Free practice 1, live
11.30-12.15, Supersport, Free practice 1
13.30-14.00, Supersport 300, Free practice 2A
14.15-14.45, Supersport 300, Free practice 2B
15.00-15.50, Superbike, Free practice 2, live
16.00-16.45, Supersport, Free practice 2, live

Saturday 28-09-2019:
9.00-9.20, Superbike, Free practice 3
9.30-9.50, Supersport, Free practice 3
10.00-10.15, Supersport 300, 3A free practice
10.25-10.40, Supersport 300, 3B free practice
11.00-11.25, Superbike, Superpole, live (also on Eurosport 1 / HD)
11.40-12.05, Supersport, Superpole, live
12.20-12.40, Supersport 300, Superpole A, live
12.50-13.10, Supersport 300, Superpole B, live
14.00, Superbike, Race 1, live
15.15, Supersport 300, Last Chance Race

Sunday 29-09-2019:
9.00-9.15, Superbike, Warm up
9.25-9.40, Supersport, Warm up
9.50-10.05, Supersport 300, Warm up
11.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, live
12.15, Supersport, Race, live (also on Eurosport 2 / HD)
14.00, Superbike, Race 2, live
15.15, Supersport 300, Race, live

TV8 / HD programming

Saturday 28-09-2019:
14.00, Superbike, Race 1, live

Sunday 29-09-2019:
13.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, deferred
14.00, Superbike, Race 2, live

All times refer to the Italian time, for live hours the time refers to the green light, for replicas and deferred instead to the beginning of the transmission.

TV8 (channel 8 of DTT and Tivù Sat)
TV8 / HD (SKY channel 121)
SKY Sport MGP / HD (channel 208 of SKY)
SKY Sport Uno / HD (SKY channel 201 and DTT channels 372 and 382)
Eurosport 1 / HD (SKY channel 210)
Eurosport 2 / HD (SKY channel 211)

Ramello Elia