The WorldSBK circus moves to France, Circuit de Nevers-Magny Cours is preparing to host the WorldSBK title challenge!

The weather conditions are expected to be complicated during all three days. The rain, in all probability, will be the protagonist on the famous French track, forcing the riders to adapt to the changing conditions of the track. In addition, temperatures will be much lower than in all previous Rounds, probably changing the values ​​on track. The asphalt here has recently been resurfaced, so this further unknown will be added. Team Go Eleven and Michael Ruben Rinaldi are looking for redemption: after the heavy zero, reported in Barcelona, ​​the important thing is to bring home points, with the aim of coming back into the Top 5. The fight for fifth place in the World Championship is open, as well as the one for the Best Independent Team!

Michael Rinaldi (Rider):
“Here at Magny-Cours we expect a particular weekend; the weather forecast says it will rain all three days. We will have to be good at adapting to the conditions and try to make as few mistakes as possible. In wet conditions it will be an unknown factor for everyone. They also resurfaced the track, so we hope to find a little more grip on the water. The weather will affect the weekend, but we will give our all and try to bring home as many points as possible!”

The following are the times to follow the French Round, Circuit de Nevers-Magny Cours:

SKY Sport MGP / HD programming

Friday 02-10-2020:
9.00-9.30, Supersport 300, Free Practice 1A
9.45-10.15, Supersport 300, Free practice 1B
10.30-11.20, Superbike, Free Practice 1, live
11.30-12.15, Supersport, Free Practice 1
13.30-14.00, Supersport 300, Free practice 2A
14.15-14.45, Supersport 300, Free Practice 2B
15.00-15.45, Superbike, Free Practice 2, live
16.00-16.45, Supersport, Free Practice 2, live

Saturday 03-10-2020:
9.00-9.20, Superbike, Free practice 3
9.30-9.50, Supersport, Free practice 3
10.00-10.15, Supersport 300, Free practice 3A
10.25-10.40, Supersport 300, Free practice 3B
11.00-11.25, Superbike, Superpole, live
11.40-12.05, Supersport, Superpole, live
12.20-12.40, Supersport 300, Superpole, live
13.00, Supersport 300, Last Chance Race
14.00, Superbike, Race 1, live
15.15, Supersport, Race 1, live
16.30, Supersport 300, Race 1, live

Sunday 04-10-2020:
9.00-9.15, Superbike, Warm up
9.25-9.40 am, Supersport, Warm up
9.50-10.05 am, Supersport 300, Warm up
11.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, live
12.30, Supersport, Race 2, live
14.00, Superbike, Race 2, live
15.15, Supersport 300, Race 2, live

The programming of TV8 / HD

Saturday 03-10-2020:
14.00, Superbike, Race 1, live

Sunday 04-10-2020:
13.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, deferred
14.00, Superbike, Race 2, live

All times refer to Italian time, for live shows the time refers to the green light, for reruns and deferred instead at the beginning of the broadcast.

TV8 / HD (channel 8 of the DTT and Tivù Sat and channel 121 of SKY)
SKY Sport MGP / HD (SKY channel 208)

Ramello Elia