The countdown is close to the end, after a long and sparkling turmoil and several pre-season tests, WorldSBK opens the stage of the 2021 season! From Motorland Aragon the protagonists of the Superbike are thrilled to get on track. Who will be the next title contender?

Team Go Eleven kicks off its season ready and confident following the excellent tests held on the Aragon track in recent weeks. Chaz Davies and the “light-blue” Ducati found an excellent feeling; there was a positive harmony between the Welsh rider and the Made in Italy team. But, as always happens, it will be the first race to deliver verdicts and sentences. The weather looks good all weekend, with temperatures that could drop significantly on Saturday and Sunday, the track is one of the most spectacular of the whole calendar, as well as extremely technical and complete. Chaz and Ducati have always been very competitive, and Go Eleven picked up its first world win, last year, right here at Motorland. Expectations and objectives, in the team of Gianni Ramello and Denis Sacchetti, have never been talked about, and also this year the only target will be to have fun, excite people at home on the sofa and collect the maximum possible race by race.

Believe us, Go Eleven is ready to take advantage of the opportunity, this weekend and the next one (for the Estoril stage) stay close to the televisions because there will be battles, fights and show, branded WorldSBK.

Are you ready??

Weekend schedule:

Friday 21-05-2021:
9.45-10.15, Supersport 300, Free Practice 1
10.30-11.15, Superbike, Free Practice 1, live
11.25-12.10, Supersport, Free practice 1
14.15-14.45, Supersport 300, Free Practice 2
15.00-15.45, Superbike, Free Practice 2, live
16.00-16.45, Supersport, Free practice 2

Saturday 22-05-2021:
9.00-9.30, Superbike, Free practice 3
9.45-10.05, Supersport 300, Superpole, live
10.25-10.45, Supersport, Superpole, direct
11.10-11.25, Superbike, Superpole, live
12.45, Supersport 300, Race 1, live
14.00, Superbike, Race 1, live
15.15, Supersport, Race 1, live

Sunday 23-05-2021:
9.00-9.15, Superbike, Warm up
9.25-9.40, Supersport, Warm up
9.50-10.05, Supersport 300, Warm up
11.00, Superbike, Superpole Race, live
12.30, Supersport, Race 2, live
14.00, Superbike, Race 2, live
15.15, Supersport 300, Race 2, live

The programming of TV8 / HD

Saturday 22-05-2021:
14.00 pm, Superbike, Race 1, live

Sunday 23-05-2021:
13.00 pm, Superbike, Superpole Race, deferred
14.00 pm, Superbike, Race 2, live

All times refer to Italian time, for live shows the time refers to the green light, for replicas and deferred instead at the beginning of the broadcast.

TV8 / HD (channel 8 of the DTT and Tivù Sat and channel 121 of SKY)
SKY Sport MGP / HD (SKY channel 208)

Denis Sacchetti (Team Manager):
“The World Championship is finally starting, this year we had to wait longer than usual and this has made us growing expectations and adrenaline. I think it will be one of the most fought World Championships ever, because the riders have had the opportunity to prepare well in the long pre-season tests, having had more time than other years and more test days available, and therefore there are many riders ready and motivated. We aim to have fun, because in racing you only have fun if you are fast!”

Chaz Davies (Rider):
“After a long winter, finally, we are here, that’s the first race, it’s really exciting for the rider and for everybody else, especially because winter has been so so long! There is a different focus that the race weekend brings, I feel like we have done enough testing and we worked hard to get a better understanding of the bike. Now it’s time to really test ourselves against the others for the race distance. I am just looking forward to get going and enjoying the weekend!”